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Just a thought. . .dont flame me or anything if this has been said… - Yawkey Way [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 27th, 2004|02:01 pm]
yawkey way


Just a thought. . .dont flame me or anything if this has been said before. I was just thinking about it on the way to school this morning.

I am a die hard Sox fan, as most of you probably already know. Everyone around here or who is a baseball fan knows about The Curse, Babe, 1918, etc, etc, etc. Every year since then, we have been let down, some years harder than others. 1986(I was 5 but I remember), 2003(Never have I cried over a baseball game). We are to believed to be cursed. Yes, I too, am a believer of the Boston Red Sox Curse. I, too, have once dreamed of recovering the piano to reverse the curse, and other things. We all have our superstitions: wear red, shave your head, grow a Jesus beard, anything out of the ordinary for you that is Sox/Curse related to try to reverse the curse. We all have our Sox good luck charms. heh, remdawg even has Wally. What are we going to to when the Sox finally go all the way and win the World Series? The curse will be reversed. Our supersitions and rituals and whatnot won't mean as much the next season. The Yankees/Sox rivalry won't be 100% Significant(maybe 95% then). What the hell will we do with ourselves? Everyone is so caught up with reversing the curse. It has become a game, an obsession, a pasttime, etc. All the hype will be over. Granted, Boston will prolly collapse from all the partying, and I ill sure as hell be right in the midst of it. It will be pure, happy, pandemonium(though prolly violent because we like to be violent when we celebrate. shit will get broken and people will get hurt or killed). The Sox will always have great significance to us. But what happens when the curse is reversed? What will we do with ourselves? Root for our boys and watch a shitload of baseball. But, the curse will be gone. We are obsessed with the curse. Reversing the curse will be bittersweet. Psychologically, we love to lose and keep the curse alive. We like trying, year after year, to seek revenge and destroy the evil empire and take the pennant. There will be no more curse, though. No more quirky things we do to try to reverse it. it will be sad, in a way, kind of like postpartum depression. We are so happy the baby has been born but the connection of the mother and the baby in the womb is gone. We have our Sox and will always love them, but there will be no more curse to get all hyped up and flustered about. Interesting. . .

By the way, We WILL reverse the curse............. :-D I don't know when, but we will(I dont want to jinx anything)
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